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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Our #1 Question: Why Can't I Post? / How do I Ask a Question?

"Why can't I post a question" or "how do I post a question" is our #1 support question, we get it on about a quarter of all new registrations or visits to the site, so here are the top reasons you cannot post.

Reason #1: You didn't register. Yes, you have to be registered to use the forum. Use the register link the upper right side to register. Be sure to type your email address correctly!

Reason #2: You registered but didn't confirm your email by clicking the link in the system-generated email that was sent. You cannot post until your email is confirmed.

Reason #2.1 You can't find the confirmation email. (Check your spam box, it's normally there, and click the link)

Reason #2.2 You registered ages ago, never clicked the confirmation email and now returned to post and can't.
For this one, Click Here and enter the email you used to register to get a new confirmation code.

Reason #2.3 You registered, but typed your email address incorrectly and you never got the confirmation email.
This one happens sometimes. Try and re-register with the same email. If you are allowed to do it, then your email was wrong the first time.

Reason #3 You aren't logged in. You must log in to post. If you forgot your password, use the "forgot password link". We cannot recover passwords for you.

Reason #3.1 You've been using the site for awhile but didn't post, and they system logged you out for inactivity. Make sure you weren't logged out before you ask the admin why you can't post.

Reason #4 You aren't pressing the button to ask a question which says "+ new topic" , which is the same as "ask a question". You must be logged in to see this button, which appears at the top and bottom of the list of topics. This button only appears when you are actually in one of the forum sections, such as PC-DMIS for CMMs. It does not appear on the home page of the forum.

Reason #5 You are using an ancient web browser. There are no guarantees this site will work properly on older versions on Internet Explorer, such as version 9 or below. Chrome and Firefox browsers work fine.

This addresses all of the most common reasons we've heard as to why people cannot post to the site. If you're still having trouble, click contact us at the bottom of the page and ask for help. Please provide your username (if any) and the email address you used to register. Please do not give us your password.

We also created this video to walk you through the process.

Thank You!
Forum Administration