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  • Interpreting Coaxty output

    I am trying to interpret some information from our inspection dept. What I have is the Quindos output for measurements on two bushing ID's. What it boils down to is an X and a Z offset, and a coaxty value that I cannot make any sense of. It is not just the hypotenuse of the X and Z it a TIR value based on projection of the two axes to a common point?


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    are you asking about Coaxiality, if so it is the same as concentricity only comparing the axles of 2 cylinders enstead of two diameters they are both concerned with two features being on the same axis to a certian tolerance
    TIR is a axis to suface measurement, coaxiality and concentricity are a axis to axis measurement
    I hope this helps and doesn't create more confusion
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      You did not write, how do you get information about an in datum and elemet name fields. Remember, Quindos is object's base. You must to get decrypt symbol od centrum bushing. Look at help text. Very important is making corect coordinate system. Quindos it is not pcdmis. It's precision program. You should to be true, what do you want to measure. My email [email protected]. If you want, I can help you to solve it. Please sent me the picture of your bushing

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