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  • LastUsedLDB


    I'm trying to stop quindos loading up the last used ldb when i open to software. I'd like it to forget what was loaded when you close the osftware so you open up a blank work area.

    I thinking I've narrowed down the registry setting to "LastUsedLDB" but whenever i change this to "No" or simply have it blank its not having the desired effect (The last used LDB still loads up).

    Does anyone know how to achieve what I'm after?


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    In the command buffer, type
    . This will create a login procedure in the GDB and you will see a new, empty command buffer. Type the command
    then hit enter. Save the GDB and exit Quindos. Now, whenever you open Quindos, a new WDB will be created and you will be prompted to give it a name.
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