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    I am having trouble working out star probe qualification.

    I am trying to Qualify a star probe set up that has only three probes in it (120° apart) - there is not one going down in the Z axis.

    I am able to qualify using the "QualifyTool" command and doing them separately, but I wanted to change to use the "QualifyStarTool" command. The help on Quindos doesn't give much explanation as to what all the check boxes actually mean.

    One of the first things it ask is for the Tool name. So typing one in that doesn't yet exist (like I would with the QualifyTool command) and when executing it didn't seem to create it. I'm also unsure of what to put in the other boxes.

    Can anyone help?

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    You can use either command but I personally would stick with the standard QualifyTool command and do them separately. You just need to make sure they have the same "Magazin Position" or "cluster ID" (this tells QUINDOS that all of the tips are part of the same physical probe build.

    The QualStarTool command is generally used for the QUINDOS Gear package, where you might typically use something like a 9-way or even a 12-way star. It is supposed to take a base name and will automatically add an index to it for each tip - so if your base name is PRB and you tell the command you have 3 tips, you will end up with PRB(1), PRB(2) & PRB(3). It also works out the clearance moves to get from one tip qualification position to the next. The only boxes that must be filled in as mandatory are the "Name of the probe model" and "total number of probes". All of the rest have default values that they assume if they are left blank by the user (shown in brackets next to the box). The "additional radial clearance" box can be useful when you have a small number of tips - like in your case - as it will make the probe move out, further away from the calibration sphere when traversing from one tip to the next.

    Neil Challinor
    PC-DMIS Product Owner

    T: +44 870 446 2667 (Hexagon UK office)
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    to add... prior to QualStarTool, one of the probes of the star must already be qualified with QualifyTool. Therefore, the name of the probe 'model' is the probe that is already qualified. Also, keep in mind, the QualStarTool command will only work if the Reference probe that was calibrated at some point is centered relative to the/any star cluster you are trying to calibrate. The reference probe need not be part of the star cluster (ie. can be on a separate collet, in different magazine rack), but, again, it must be the center relative to a star cluster.

    So for doing a 3-star cluster, doesnt make much sense to use QualifyStarTool since one of the probes has to already be qualified with QualifyTool to be used as the 'model', might as well do the remaining two... but it will work if desired. Obviously, for large number of star cluster, it is very handy. However, one drawback, if after qualification you notice for example that one of the probes had high form error, you cant re-calibrate just that one probe with QualStarTool.... when execute QualStarTool, it runs the entire star, except the 'model' probe


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