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  • Quindos 7 Training Documente

    Hello everybody

    I am looking for Quindo's 7 training document in English or German.
    The parametric programming, the dialog designer, the filtering and the graphical evaluation are of particular interest ... but I am grateful for everything that has to do with Quindos.
    Maybe someone in the forum has something for me and were willing to pass it on to me.

    Best Regards Michael

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    You can contact Hexagon and they will sell you a copy of their manual.


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      There is a training manual (of sorts) included in the help documentation.Quindos_help.JPG
      Neil Challinor
      PC-DMIS Product Owner

      T: +44 870 446 2667 (Hexagon UK office)
      E: [email protected]


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        A training class is recommended..... learning from scratch solely thru 'manuals' is very difficult.

        feel free to contact me and I'll forward any material I happen to have.

        [email protected]


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