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    Hi all, any help would be grateful. I am using the cmm running Quindos 7 to find a discrete point in space for x,y,z coordinates while touching onto a pressure gauge. At the point of maximum pressure I would like quindos to read from the gauge and import the results into the program. I can do this manually with inqval etc however, as this is required in multiple locations I would like to automate this?



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    Hello, It depends on how the data is being output from your pressure gauge. If it can create a text file containing the X,Y & Z co-ordinates in the format we need then you can use the following code to wait for the file to appear and then read it directly into an element.

    WAIT            (SEC=2)
    IfExec          (BXP=FileExists(C:\Users\Public\Documents\MyFile.txt), CMD='CONTIN', RUN=Y, ONF='UNWIND          (VAL=0, STO=N, FRA=1, LAB=1001)')
    CNVFIL           (FIL=C:\Users\Public\Documents\MyFile.txt, TYP=ELE, DST=LDB, DEL=Y)
    For this to work, the data needs to be in the following format

    $ELE (NAM=Pressure_Gage_Point, TYP=APT, FLD=(X,Y,Z,U,V,W,R))
    82.596163, 2.002251, -32.16095, -1, 0, 0, 0.000000

    However, if you need to interface directly with your pressure gauge you would probably have to use IO commands that are designed for talking to PLC's and form part of the PALLET license option. A third option might be to use an external script (visual basic for example) to talk to your gauge and create a file that QUINDOS can read - you could launch your script via the SPAWN command and then use my code above to wait for the file.


    • daz123
      daz123 commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi Neil,
      It sounds like the last option will be the way to go with VB, I will see how I can get the data read from the pc then see if I can spawn the command.
      Thanks for the pointer and I'll let you know if I'm successful.

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