Problems with some mathematical formulas (DE/EN)

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  • Problems with some mathematical formulas (DE/EN)

    Hallo liebe Leute,
    ich hätte da eine Frage zu meiner Zeichnung / Skizze, die ich diesem Post angehängt habe.
    Um die Zeichnung / Skizze einmal zu erklären, ich habe 4 Kreise und muss mit den 4 Kreisen den / die Winkel eines / mehrere Kreisbogen berechnen.
    Ich suche nach dem Anfangs- und Endwinkel der rot markierten Kreisbögen.
    Der braune Punkt kennzeichnet den Winkel 0°

    Kreis(1)= Ø30 (Blau)
    Kreis(2)= Ø15 (Orange)
    Kreis(3)= Ø32,1 (Schwarz)
    Kreis(4)= Ø32,5 (Grün)

    Winkel = alpha (rechter Kreisbogen von 0°)
    Winkel = beta (linker Kreisbogen von 0°)

    Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir da mit einer bzw. mehreren Formeln weiterhelfen.

    Ich bedanke mich schonmal um Voraus für jede hilfreiche Antwort.
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________


    I got a question about my drawing / sketch that i attached in this Post.
    Let me explain you my drawing / sketch. I got 4 circles and I have to calcular the angle / circular arches for the 4 circles.
    I'm searching for the beginning angle and the ending angle that i marked in red.
    I marked the angle 0° with a brown point.

    I got:

    Circle(1)= Ø30 (Blue)
    Circle(2)= Ø15 (Orange)
    Circle(3)= Ø32,1 (Black)
    Circle(4)= Ø32,5 (Green)

    I need:
    Angle = alpha (right circular arc from 0°)
    Angle = beta (left circular arc from 0°)

    I hope that you can help me out with some formulas.
    I'm thankful for every answer that can help me out. I dont know where to start with.


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    The formula for intersecting circles can be found by googling (WolframAlpha is a good place for math). When you have calculated the intersection points between the the circles it's just a matter of polar ccoordinates to find the angles. I don't know quindos enough to give a real example, or tips about builtin functions...
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      This problem is a simple problem of trig, just forget the circles and replace them by triangles...

      intersection de cercles.JPG
      I would say that the first side is between 61.65° and 27.4°, so an arc of 34.25 ° (you have to redo the calculation if you want more decimal places, and change 7.5 by 16.05 for the green case)

      It's friday (night here ) : happy week-end ,all !

      Gutes Wochenende, Benjir0

      Bra veckans **** , AndersI

      ​​​​​​​And thanks to Google translate !


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        A simple wot now?

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      JEFMAN Thank you very much.....that was very helpful.


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        Originally posted by Benjir0 View Post
        JEFMAN Thank you very much.....that was very helpful.
        You're welcome !
        I didn't see the brown point, in this case, you have to add 90° to the left angles, and retract them from 90 to the right ones.


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