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  • Fatal Error / Licence issue


    Quindos 7. I came in this morning and our Leitz is throwing up a fatal error when loading the standard machine environment. The GDB appears to be corrupted somehow. I spoke to Hexagon support, they have told me to start a new environment from scratch. When I do this, I can home the machine, but when I enter the command buffer the Quindos start up procedure is still loaded and there is a few errors "no valid licence files found" "Command not enabled! check licence".

    Does anyone know what would cause the fatal error? Is there no easier way to recover this than to re-start from scratch?

    Also does anyone know what would cause this licence error? If so what do I need to do to sort?


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    You should be able to repair the original environment by simply deleting the corrupt GDB. You will find the GDB in the following location

    "C:\Quindos7Users\_YOUR_LOGIN_\ENVIRONMENT NAME\Quindos7.GDB" where
    is your windows user account name and ENVIRONMENT NAME is the name of your environment,

    If you exit Quindos then delete the GDB, Quindos will create a new one when you launch that environment again. Obviously you will have to re-create anything that you had saved to the GDB as the new one will only conatin the standard default objects that you would have from a fresh install.

    With regards to the license problem. It looks like your license has expired. You can check this by going to C:\Program Files (x86)\Quindos7\Licenses. Open the license file using windows notepad and check the expiry date (this may be listed as END DATE). DO NOT edit the file. If todays date is later than your expiry date you should still be able to use your old environment but if you want to create a new environment or to install a new version of Quindos you will need to contact Hexagon for a new license.


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      Cheers Neil.

      I will try this with the corrupted environment.

      I believe I know why the licence issue was occurring. When creating the environment, I was asking the machine for the class etc. It should have been DTX, the machine was filling something else (do not remember what). When I altered this manually it worked as expected.

      Do you have any idea why the GDB would become corrupted? This appears to have happened in Feb 2017 on the same machine (to the CMM guy before me). Is it possible to back up the files @ "C:\Quindos7Users\_YOUR_LOGIN_\ENVIRONMENT NAME" and simply paste back in in the event of this happening again?

      Thanks again.


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        The GDB can get corrupted if the controller is shut down before exiting Quindos - during a power cut for example. Obviously if Quindos is in the process of writing to the GDB and the connection is lost it could result in a corrupt entry as Quindos has not had chance to complete the process it was trying to perform.

        You can back up the GDB by simply taking a copy and saving it to a USB or network location and then yes, it can be simply pasted back into the relevant location after deleting the corrupt GDB. I would take a backup after creating a new environment and whenever I make a change to the GDB. In theory, the environment can be backed up in the same way - make a copy of the entire folder relating to your environment. You would also need to make a copy of the registry keys related to that environment. This can be done through windows regedit or you can use the Quindos command ExportEnvToFile to back up and ImportEnvFromFile to re-instate.



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          Editing a comment
          Got this done, it should hopefully save a bit of time if it happens again.

          Thanks for the help Neil.

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