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  • Forum Guidelines

    Forum Guidelines

    This forum is a community forum for Quindos, PC-DMIS and related topics. As such, we try to keep a laissez-faire approach to the forum. However, we do reserve the right to moderate, edit, or delete threads, ban users, or delete them.

    To make the most of your time on these forums, please follow the following:

    Show Courtesy and Respect to the Other Members
    Everybody here deserves to be treated with courtesy. We are all busy people, abuse, profanity, and personal attacks just wastes everybody’s time. We are here to help each other.

    Respect the Hexagon Metrology Staff and It's Appointed Moderators
    They are under no obligation to visit or monitor this community site. Any decision taken by the Administrators, moderators or other staff is final and is to be respected. If you have an issue, concern, or suggestion, a direct message is probably the most effective route to take.

    There is a wide variety of equipment, processes, experience levels and knowledge represented here.

    Try the Search Feature
    You may be able to find the answer to the question you have without needing to wait for a response.

    Details, Details, Details
    Make sure that the subject heading is clear and in the post list the software version, machine, probe, and any other information that may provide insight to the issue you are having.

    Don’t Talk Yourself (or Others) Down
    Don’t call yourself an idiot, we have all been newbies at some point. Likewise respond to the level of the question, the inquiring person may not know all the acronyms, where to find that one screen, and may need the process explained each step of the way.

    Try to Make Understanding Easy
    PC-DMIS is used all over the world, and not everybody is fluent in English. Proper punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and not using acronyms all make a post easier to read and understand.

    Stay On Topic
    It becomes difficult of follow a conversation thread when there are several other conversations intermixed.

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