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  • Saliha
    USB Printer Problem

    One of our machine has Quindos 6.3?? (or 6.6 do not remember well) , when we create a new prg , we get header page. This happening also when we open any prg.

    any thoughts?

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  • TheKen
    Printer Issues

    I also have a lot of trouble printing from Quindos. I upgraded from version 1.2 where it automatically printed to a dox matrix printer after each element was evaluated to version 6 where the "print buffer" is used. So I created a workaround that outputs the data to a file in Word format, then I just go and print that file. This allows me to print the results and also keep a copy for future reference.


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  • Dieter B
    Quindos7 is released

    Quindos7 is released now. For more information contact Brown & Sharpe or Messtechnik Wetzlar in Germany.

    For any Quindos question you can email to [email protected], the Quindos hotline.



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  • John Kugler
    Are we any closer to Version 7 yet??

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  • swojciechowski

    To answer your question, no official release date has been given for Quindos 7. A number of users are testing Beta releases, but again no offical release.

    Perhps we can help, What are your 'printer issues'? Contact the B&S tech support 800-343-7933

    As for the 'not a lot of users out there' comment. Perhaps it is partly an issue of lack of 'publicity'. B&S doesn't actively update its users as to the availability of things such as this user's forum.

    Granted, Quindos does not have as large a user base as B&S's other software, but think of it as 'Quality vs. Quantity'. Quindos, with it's analytical tools, is utilized at some very prestigious place (NIST, Los Alamos National Labs, Stanford Linear Accelerator, PTB (Germany's equivalent to NIST), ...
    to do complicated analysis such as gear measurements (spur/helical/straight bevel, sprial bevel) worm, worm wheel, compressor rotors, gear involute master measurement,....

    If you have an issue, please do not hesitate to contact B&S, through tech support.

    Steven Wojciechowski

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  • John Kugler
    Not a lot of Quindos users out there.....

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  • global
    Anyone know this?

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  • John Kugler
    started a topic Version 7

    Version 7

    Has Version 7 been released yet?

    We are having major printing issues and are scrambling to make due.

    Thanks in advance.

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