issue with part floating in space

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  • issue with part floating in space

    So when I'm making a new Program with PCDMIS 2020 some times when i receive an STP file the part is just floating into space. part is not even position on an XYZ origin and is not flat.
    I am able to make my alignments using mastercam but wanted to know if i can do this in PCMIS.
    any tips would be helpful.

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    in these forums.
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      You can also use "quickalign", which is very nice !


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        @Tkevin I run into this all the time. Most of our models (not all but a vast majority of them) come to us in aircraft coordinates and are way out in space. I use transform to fix this. Some use alignments to bring it in which works but I don't like it because I want the trihedron to stay where I want it no matter where the cursor is in the program.
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          In my opinion, the easiest way to work with a model is to transform the trihedron in the model's native software before you import it into PCD. If you do this, all you have to do is import into PCD and then you're good to go.

          If you don't have the ability to work with the model in it's native software, import it into PCD and then use the "Transform" function. "Operation/Graphic Display Window/Transform". If you're working with an assembly, you must transform through the cad assembly window.
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            The easiest way to kill 2 birds with one an iterative alignment, using the coordinates of the cad file ( car body or aerospace location )....once that is done, then you can measure the feature that you want as your print zero ( if thats the issue here ), then origin that feature....this IMHO, is the best and most accurate way to do it...once you start transforming coordinates, you run the risk of errors in translation and essentially changing the data supplied to you by customer, that can open a whole can of worms....I have seen it, especially by Boeing....if you do it the way I say, your *** is covered....
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