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  • Be wary of Tip Changes

    I'm sure there are more reasons than just this to be wary however I've noticed that when using any sort of flow control (Goto statements) you need to have the same tip that you had set before the jump to whatever label you're going to. Otherwise PC DMIS gets very confused and will try to move in weird directions, like full speed into your part for instance. (Don't ask how I found that out) One would think a move increment of 0,0,6 would just go straight up right? Well not when PC DMIS doesn't know what tip there is.
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    Well Mr. Vegeta I think you might want to look into "Reset Globals When Branching " if you are not already using it.
    PcDmis 2015.1 SP10 CAD++
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      What you described isn't a flaw. It is how PC DMIS works!

      "Reset Globals When Branching" will work for you.


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        That's very useful information! Thank you both, I'm glad I said something even if my conclusion was wrong.

        Though now I'm somewhat confused, as Reset Globals was already enabled. So does that mean it should be using whatever alignment and global settings the 1st tip it finds used?


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