How to setup fixture plate to part

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  • How to setup fixture plate to part

    Hello, software is 2019R1 i program offline and want to mount a fixture plate down to table and be able to have various parts on plate. Any ideas how i can make this work offline.

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    it depends on how big or small your physical CMM(s) is. U can insert fixture plates and components in pcdmis using the insert hardware fixture. Then position the items where you would need them. If you have a small CMM, it might be a challenge as there are no hole locations on my virtual CMM model. If you have a decent size machine where you know the hole locations wont be a problem, go for it.

    OR if you have CAD software, you can create fixtures along with your parts and just insert them all as one model.

    That is how you do it offline.


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      Fixture Builder Software from R&R fixture works well also. It has a catalog of fixture plates and other components that you select and drop. You can also import your part model and position it fairly easily. The fixture plate, components and and part can then be exported out as a step file. Fixture Builder also provides a bill of materials and renderings of the setup. Since R&R was bought out by Renishaw, Fixture Builder is also available thru Renishaw.


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