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    I searched and did not find what I was looking for. I have a question, can one create a distance dimension using auto feature samples hits? For example, if you create two circles using auto feature and take sample hit on the surface, can you use those sample hit from the surface to create a distance dimension so you don't have to re-take point gain? thanks any feed back will be most appreciated.

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    do you mean you have a hole with a vector of 0,0,1, you take sample hits, report the XY of the hole, and now you want the "Z" value as well without screwing up the TP value by making it a spherical TP?

    IF SO, you can simple make a location dimension and only report the "Z" axis.

    OR, if the hole is not square to the axis, you can report the "S" axis location, which will give you a "T"-like result from a vector point.
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    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      No, there is no way to use the Sample Hits directly.

      You could Construct a Cast point from each circle to get the calculated centroid of the circle at the pierce point of the plane made by the sample hits (if you're using 3 hits), or at the height of the 1 sample hit.

      Depending on what you want, there's probably a way to work around it without taking more points.
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        I use sample hits all the time to get counter bore depths..or lets say if 2 counter bores in the X axis opposing each other (from each side of the part) and the print calls for a distance from one to the other.
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          Hey guys thanks for answering my question, most appreciated. VinniUSMC and michaelwildshutz, I did think you can get around round it without taking additional point just seem double the work and longer the program; but it is what it is; going to create a cast point like Vinni mentioned and some trig to see if I can get around it. But for the mean time just do it the right way and take additional hits.


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            You could always measure a local plane and use that as "Sample feature" instead of using "Sample hits" in the autofeature (assuming you take three sample hits today).
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