How-to: Creating a report TP label not showing the datum features

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  • How-to: Creating a report TP label not showing the datum features

    How-to: Creating a report TP label not showing the datum features

    I saw this on the suggestions forum - - and though I'd give it a go.

    Open the label template LINE2_POS.LBL
    Remove the check mark on "Repeating Group" (see picture)
    Save the label as test_LINE2_POS.LBL
    Close template editor

    Open the Report Window
    Right click on the TP you want to modify
    Select Change Template...
    Select your new label test_LINE2_POS.LBL
    Refresh Report


    Do note that this modified label only works when there is a single feature to evaluate. Feature Groups will only show up with their first feature. So, DON'T REPLACE THE ORIGINAL LABEL, and DON'T CHANGE THE RULE TREE TO ALWAYS USE THIS LABEL. Just right click in the RW and select this label for the few times you want it so!



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    Very nice trick.
    Time for the Trolls to leave.


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      Is it possible to create report template with this edited label e.g. default "TEXT AND CAD" template but with this label?


      • rtomsu
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        I understand this method but I thought something else. I would like to have two templates "TEXT AND CAD". One would read original label a the second would read edited label. So the question is how to tell the template to read different label.

      • AndersI
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        As I said above - change the 'rule tree' in the report template. Search for 'rule tree' in the Help for instructions.
        (Available Help Systems -> PC-DMIS Core Help -> Reporting Measurement Results -> Creating Templates -> About the Rule Tree Editor)
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      • rtomsu
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        Thank you. Now I have what I needed.

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