New Features in PC-DMIS Vision V4.3

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  • New Features in PC-DMIS Vision V4.3

    The new soon to be released version offers the following vision specific enhancements

    New Hardware

    • TESA VISIO 500 Value & Universal Support
    • TESA VISIO 200 Manual Support
    • B&S Optiv Support
    • Full Laser WhiteLightSensor (WLS) and ThroughTheLens (TTL) analog Scan support
    • CMM-V Improved focus capbality (including focus at lower jog box speeds)
    • Stacked Rotary Table Support
    • Dual Camera support
    • Matrox PCI-E FrameGrabber Support
    • Matrox MIL8 support

    New Calibration

    • Focus Calibration to speed up focus and automate parameter setting during measurement

    General Enhancements

    • Faster Measurement - all part programs will be faster to run, with some executing 100% faster than in V4.2.
    • Faster Auto Focus (66% faster than default focus in V4.2)
    • Vision Auto Ellipse, Notch & Polygon features
    • Use of QuickStart/Guess Mode to program Vision features
    • Sensilight (auto lighting adjustment prior to edge detection)
    • Coverage - quick way to split up target to measure n% of the feature
    • More configuration for use of AutoShutter and Liew view Compass features
    • Improved Manual target to reduce number of operator "clicks"
    • Quick Access Live View menu to easily move to or edit nearest 10 features
    • Move to Point option on live view menu
    • Option to turn off lights at end of execution
    • Option to restore light at pcdmis startup
    • Illumination intensity value overlaid on live view to show brightness at cursor position
    • Improved diagnostics tools for Vision measurements

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