New Features in PC-DMIS Vision V41

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  • New Features in PC-DMIS Vision V41

    The new soon to be released version offers the following enhancements

    New Hardware

    - TESA VISIO 300 Touch Probe support
    - Rotary Table Support
    - Mycrona Laser support
    - OGP Smartscope (Pre 2000 models) Support

    New Calibration

    - Cross Probe Calibration (for cross calibrating touch and video probes)
    - Camera/Stage skew Calibration
    - Easier to use Stage Calibration (DCC moves, Automatic Edge Detection)

    General Enhancements

    - Screen Capture automatically capture and output to report any images that include points that exceed a specified tolerance

    - Feature locator now supports sound files, so you can instruct the operators on how to measure a feature without them needing to look at the screen.

    - Screen Captures offer more flexibility on size and quality of bitmaps so you
    can reduce size of your reports and memory used.

    - Improved Cross Hair Gage (dashed/dotted/solid/gun sight/tolerance bands)

    - Slot and Profile 2d features now have Gage Targets

    - Upper and Lower Tolerance bands on Gage Target features

    PC-DMIS Vision V4.1 will be demonstrated on the Hexagon Metrology stand at Control, in Germany 9th-12th May.

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