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  • Have a high end and low end users needs

    Were are looking into purchasing the 300DCC model, but I noticed that this model does not have the ability to have both the Tesa-Vista software and the PC-DMIS Vision software loaded at the same time. My problem is that I have to different types of users with different needs. One group needs the ability to program and have the features of PC-DMIS while the other needs to only step up and measure simple features. Anyone have any ideas how I can make this one unit do both, without having the higher end user do all the work.
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    A few things to consider.

    1) PC-DMIS has an operator mode, which the lower end users can use to select pre-defined programs, run them, and then get the report output at the end. This mode does not allow programming - hides the editor - and is geared for this specific problem you talk of.
    2) PC-DMIS Vision has Gage tools which doesn't require part programs to be written. The operator can put the part on the stage, position the camera so it's looking at the feature. They can then overlay simple tools over the live view to check diameters, distances, angles, etc. This again does not require the editor.
    3) You can customize the pcdmis user interface and maintain a "slimmed down" version - hiding menu options and toolbar buttons that you don't want the low end operators to see.

    Incidentally, technically, it's not so much that you can't have both VISTA and PC-DMIS, it's more that VISTA is not available on the DCC VISIO, just the Manual one.


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      Great information, thanks

      We have a demo unit and will continue to explore options for both types of users.
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