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  • PC-DMIS Vision Supported Machines

    PC-DMIS Vision V4.0 currently supports running on the following machine types :-

    TESA VISIO 300 Manual

    Ram Optical Inc. (ROI) ONYX
    Ram Optical Inc. (ROI) DataStar
    Ram Optical Inc. (ROI) OMIS II/III

    Mycrona Redline
    Mycrona Blueline
    Mahr (retrofit)
    Werth (retrofit)

    V4.0 includes support for Touch probe models.

    Support of other machine types is possible with retrofit of Metronics controller/upgrade. Please contact Gary Hobart, PC-DMIS Vision Product Manager for further details.

    More machines will be supported in V4.1.

    You can see PC-DMIS Vision in action on the Hexagon Metrology stand at :-

    Westec, CA, USA - March 2006
    Control, Germany - May 2006
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    More Info on Westec

    You can visit Hexagon Metrology at Westec, March 27-30 as my colleague refers to, at booth #2516. You can register online for free until March 24th.
    Click Here for a registration link.



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      Will PC-DMIS Vision do free-form trace similar to MeasureMind 3-D?

      Using v3.5 mr2 on a UCC1


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        Hi Spook.

        To date, we've concentrated more on tools that you can use with cad files of parts - as that is a big strength of PC-DMIS. If you have the cad data, then the PC-DMIS Vision approach for measuring profiles is superior to Edge Tracing.

        For one thing, you are guaranteed that the nominal form you are measuring to is correct, and so you can then see deviation form of your measured points all around the profile (with deviation arrows, colour tolerancing, etc). Secondly, with being able to box select cad entities, you can program the feature in seconds directly on cad.

        Edge tracer always looks great in demos (when used on optimal parts and with back lighting), however, in the real world, it's not always so reliable and therefore is not that widely used.

        That said - Edge tracing does have it's place for those companies who don't have cad and want to reverse engineer, and so is planned to be added, currently pencilled in for Version V4.2 later this year.
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          I am only interested in the reverse engineering tracing can do for me. When you have it up and running well let me so i can get a demo and pricing for some of my machines.


          Using v3.5 mr2 on a UCC1


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            Hi James, will do. Incidentally, which machine types do you have?


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              Ram Optical: Datastar and two Omis III

              Using v3.5 mr2 on a UCC1


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