CWS Scan over multiple surface issues.

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  • CWS Scan over multiple surface issues.

    I have 10 parts sitting on a surface. I want to scan across all 10 parts at once. The issue I am having is that it stops giving the scan data after it runs over the first part. As far as i read into it, it sounds like i would need a model of all 10 parts to select the 10 surfaces i need to scan in 1 linear scan. Then it will scan all 10 parts at once.

    Can anyone confirm this is correct? or if there is a walk around before i get a model requested? All 10 parts are the same in Z height.

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    Sounds about right. Looping is not an option?


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      I can. Its checking 100 parts in a fixture in 10X10 grid. The objective is to have it as fast as possible. So having it do 10 scans across 100 parts is going to save a lot more time than doing 100 scans.


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        As bfire85 asked, and as you concurred - the option would be a loop. Actually you would create 2 loops. One loop (x) inside the other (y).
        So you mentioned - 'I can' ....... how did that work out?


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