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  • 2020R1/2020R2 2D Profile

    Can anyone else verifiy if 2D auto profile works correctly in 2020R1 or 2020R2? I select the CAD model and I have three areas that go beyond the tolerance band, with the worst one being deviated 0.018" without even measuring the part! I have Vector Least Squared selected. I get crazy red arrows all over the place if I select Vector Min/Max.

    I do the same in 2019R2 and I get deviation, but not as bad. Graphical analysis shows some kind of weird mushrooming effect around curved edges. I am deviated around 0.0017" without measuring the part.

    I tried IGES and STEP and get the same results.

    Why such a different between 2019R2 and 2020R1/2020R2? Can someone replicate with a model? vpt.se


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