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    Hello, I am researching a new vision system with capability for adding a CMM probe. Most of my parts are small (L:6" x W:6" x T: 4") and make by clear and color plastic. So far, I have hear two brand names: Brown & Sharp and Zeis. If you are using those two brand names, can you share the pro and con? If you are using othe brand name(s), please share as well. Am I not asking for price nor marketing information. I am hoping thatthis post does not go against the forum policy. Thanks in advance.

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    We use an Optiv 321GLtp from Hexagon as well as a Keyence IM for vision. We use the Optiv that need both touch probe and vision in one program, plus for vision programs that need MMB for GD&T. The Keyence is used for parts that only need vision and minimal GD&T. The Keyence cannot use MMB, only MMC.


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      We recently bought a Nikon Vision system running CMM Manager thats will run the same size parts as you. I haven't had the chance to play with it much but I like what I've seen so far. Didn't buy the probe option but may add it on later. Seems like it was around $60K. I was pushing for an OGP system but politics..... OGP was about $15 to 20K more.


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