Turn probe calibration artifact 180°

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  • Turn probe calibration artifact 180°

    Can the probe calibration artifact with the sphere and ring be rotated 180°? My current setup is the sphere is on the left and ring on the right, I want to move it to the back of the machine rather than the front.
    Anyone see an issue here?

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    I believe you can move them. Using quick fixture mode. Kind of tricky though. I have a hard time lining everything up the way I want it.


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      I would think then that the probe offsets would need to be changed because what was say, positive X, will be negative X.


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        I used the Hexagon 'fixture' (the black OEM Hex block with the laser-marked glass plate recess, the 'shiny' optical ring and the ceramic sphere location hole[s])
        I had to relocate it on our Optiv because we had a Rayco -type L corner bracket which covered the OEM threaded holes for the Optiv platen fixture and everything needed a complete different location. I don't see any reason you can't re-orient it. The only 'must-have' is that the optical plate needs to be upside up
        and parallel in X to that etched glass plate long line which the machine uses to calibrate/rotate the lens orientation. (or maybe not.....)


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