Entering into the world of Multi-sensor

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  • Entering into the world of Multi-sensor


    I'm Completely new to the Multi-sensor but not to PC-Dmis, Currently i'm trying to teach myself. Right now i got stuck at Setting focus for offline program using cad model.

    How to set focus & Lighting for vision probe while doing offline program? Is there any option available for that ? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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    I do all my CMM programing offline. But I find with vision the settings your asking about are too touchy to do offline. Also having my offline seat updated to do vision cut out much of the scanning functionality that I need for the CMM. By the time you edit all those settings it's pretty much double the time it takes me for a program.


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      I do a lot of my programming offline. However, when it comes to vision, I tend to stick to doing that live on the machine. For some reason the offline vision capabilities are glitchy, meaning settings I create offline do not carry over to online. I tend to have to go through all the vision features and redo them.


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