Features Used With Vision Not Sticking To CAD model

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  • Features Used With Vision Not Sticking To CAD model

    I extracted the CAD file, transformed the part to how it actually is sitting on the CMM, selected program mode and used the mouse to take hits on the top surface of the part to create a plane (z+), took hits on the I.D of part to create a circle (x&y - Datum B) and used the vision/camera capability on our Optiv 322 machine - (could not select program mode to create this feature - I’m assuming it’s because it’s using optics - however I did selected 2 lines - parallel to each other - on the CAD- vector lines are both Y-) to create a MidLine to construct Datum C.

    I then did the same thing for the DCC Alignment (the only difference is that the plane (Z) is now on a lower feature which is my actual datum (A) [the plane used during manual alignment,was to take the hits easier/faster] and Datum B was then constructed as a cylinder.

    My issues that I am currently having is:

    During the DCC alignment, the lines I used to create Datum C (midline) are not close to where my manual hits were. Basically the hits I did during manual are not sticking to the CAD model, which in turn is affecting the DCC alignment even though the rotate feature is aligned to Y-.

    I’m having the same issue with an angularity dimension which has to do with one of those widths (midline constructions)

    All (3 other widths) that have an angularity dimensions are good, just that specific one is completely off.

    Please let me know if you might have came across this!
    Any help is appreciated!
    Thank you all in advance.

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    Vision is very quirky. (or maybe it's me) But.... babysit the vectors for any ingredients used to create a Z+ PLN
    (often, I'll just use a generic plane).
    Also, when you create lines? Unless you need otherwise.... MAKE SURE THEY ARE 2D.
    3D lines might be the default and they can create a train wreck.


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