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  • 2D Profile V2014 release

    I'm trying to trace the outside of profile of a flat torsion spring, just a spiral pc of thick wire.
    I've tried everything I can think of to get the 2D auto feature profile option to work. single click start, single click direction, double click end, all the options in the help file concerning this.

    The 2D cad engineering gave me is useless because the spring is so distorted in the free state.

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    The Help file for Vision in the 'clicking method' start/middle/end or double click stuff is pretty much useless.
    In my experience, if you need to scan 2D, you have to have a model, and it needs to be flat. AND you need to pick on the model in the CAD window.

    I was going to post a new thread for the Vision product owner (nice guy but...) because for profiles - I CANT CREATE PROFILES UNLESS I FLATTEN THE MODEL (or use a .DXF)
    Its ridiculous that a 3D part when looked at from Z+ offline can't be profiled in Vision.
    ^^^^ this is a part on a plate of acrylic. I need the profle of the teeth but again, I can't use a 3D model (the top of the teeth have chamfers) BUT to the Vision software, why should the silhouette be so difficult for it to create the profile??

    I feel your pain, BKulpa!


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      FWIW, doubleclick 2D feature are working satisfying here, the times I have used it. Newer than 2014 though...
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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        Hi vpt.se!
        long time since chatting. Am curious what type of Vision you use? My 2018 R2 has been the most forgiving, but sometimes? The clicks STILL go crazy Ivan.....


        • vpt.se
          vpt.se commented
          Editing a comment
          2019 R1 with latest SP, using a CMM-V on a Global Advantage.

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        sigpicSummer Time. Gotta Love it!


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