Automatically re-try a failed focus attempt

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  • Automatically re-try a failed focus attempt

    Our Optiv classic likes to fail focus attempts even when the part is burr free and the plates a clean. Doesn't happen all the time but enough that its quite annoying. Is it possible to have the machine automatically retry a failed focus attempt.

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    Help File says that this something an "On Error" command can catch and deal with. No experience with Vision machines and limited use of the On Error command. From the Help file, the On Error on a Vision machine can tell if an Edge was not detected or Focus was not detected. From there you can code it to do nothing, Go To a Label, Set a Variable to One or skip the command. There is more information in the CMM core documentation.


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      I asked Hexagon for help on this, but with the Covid-19 I think they have a lot of people working from home. Their response time has slowed way down, understandably. I have only gone to basic class for PC-DMIS so im not sure how to use the variable option in the on-error menu. Can anyone explain it to me? Looking at the options that seems to possibly be the most useful option, I hope.


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        There are many Focus settings. Some setting might have been working, but barely...then it failed. Without knowing anything about your situation, I won't try to send you in any direction.
        But... maybe try 'the part' and change the focus setting from Auto to Full.
        good luck!


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          as sealevel said, going to full focus might be your best bet. Not having any burrs shouldn't have anything to do with the focus. If you're taking anything other than surface points then you could turn the focus off altogether, technically.

          Otherwise, if your focus keeps failing then there is something wrong with the initial Z-value of your theo. (or, if your're setting the alignment with the probe, then there could be something wrong with the offset calibration.)

          If you're programming from CAD, keep in mind, setting Z-values from a CAD model using surface points is inherently unreliable and could cause these kinds of issues as well.

          Also, make sure your alignments are correct as far as your Z-levels and Z-origins.


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