New to Vision but not to Demon. Can't get the 1st steps to get progarm to even run.

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  • New to Vision but not to Demon. Can't get the 1st steps to get progarm to even run.

    I have been programming for years. Offline with probes and have no problem.
    However, got thrown onto a Optiv 453....what is that you say?. Well, it gets better. Windows XP and PCDmis2012 Mr1. Yippee!!!!! NOT!
    My biggest problem is once the model is in. Getting the FOV to go to the model without getting "YOUR OUT OF MACHINE LIMIT"! What? way. ha.
    Seeing as how Hexagon has ZIP for videos on vision and wants to charge $2500.00 for 8 hrs of "Screen Share" to help program, I am dead in the water.
    My software wont even let me use the 3-2-1 alignment button. So, before anyone jumps to ---upgrade. That's not and option. Long story.
    Now, here's what I see. Create a new program. Import my model. I even have an external alignment of the corner bracket called up. However, my part is
    so far away from the FOV, even doing a manual point will not happen. I KNOW that once I can get past this point, I can program just like I would with probes.
    What in the heck an I missing?. 1st, I hate old software and archaic machines that I spend endless amount of time and research to no avail or outcome.
    I just find it hard to believe that it could be this difficult. I have spent a lot of time reading, you tube is no help and everything leads to nothing.
    IF ANYONE has some simple pointers on how to just get the CAD zeroed to a corner, I would be golden.
    I'll say this. Once I import my model, the FOV is 8 inches away from the cad model and even moving the FOV to the model, It tells me I'm out of range...RRRRR.
    Someone throw me a bone, please.
    As always, Thanks for the input!!

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    You will have to create a manual alignment and run that manual alignment to square your CAD to the part, like you do with tactile. You can pick points on the CAD like you do with tactile. Just make sure your lighting is correct and that manual is selected rather than automatic. The only thing that is hard to do is level to Z with vision. You would need to only create a single point in Z to get a translation. You can try doing three points in Z and construct a plane. I have done it, but the repeatability of measuring Z depths with vision is so-so.

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      I have triied that. so, when I do pick my points and I'm already over the part, my FOV is way out in space. How do I get it to move to the part and take the hits. This is my biggest issue. Is there a setting in the software that is causing this?. I just can't even get a simple edge point to want to take a hit on the physical part.


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        Is it because the part origin is not on the part (like vhehicle origin ?)
        Maybe looking at F5 /cad should help ?


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          Looking at the part. Yes. it is in the center with cad. The issue is, importing it vs. where it is on the table. IF I program on the model, fine but the initial hit is way out in space and needs to moved to the model.
          Looks like I need some vision training. That isn't going to happen as Hexagon doesn't offer a Vision program. Especially one that run PCDmis 2012 and window XP.
          Thanks for the input guys!


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