Calibrating Touch Trigger Probes on Optiv 321

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  • Calibrating Touch Trigger Probes on Optiv 321

    Looks like we are back in the vision game. Dusted off our Optiv and throwing some parts up there. We are working on calibrating the touch probes and the optiv is making some weird moves. I've never messed with the edit or setup button before when calibrating a probe on a CMM. We created a master touch probe (4x20) answering YES move question. Our sphere shank vector is currently Z+ so its straight up. Probe is set to DCC+DCC, we take a manual hit, probe calibrates, then it moves off in Y- a few inches then finishes instead of straight up like a CMM. When we try to calibrate the 2x10mm, DCC+DCC, and answering NO, it crashes into the top of the sphere as if it doesn't know the probe is only 10mm long. We deleted the probe files and rebuilt them, modules, lengths, and diameters are correct.

    The workaround we did was we went back to the 2x10mm after re calibration the master probe again and changed it to MAN+DCC, answered NO, and took a manual point, and it calibrated. Then we changed it back to DCC+DCC, answered No, and it calibrated automatically no problem.

    So now that we can calibrate, we are changing the sphere shank vector so we can re cal the probes to that vector and have room to perform the vision and probe offset calibration.

    Does anyone have any advice on why we couldn't go straight to DCC+DCC on probes answering NO to the move question and why the optiv makes these weird side movements after calibrating probes?

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    Does this PC have the proper admin credentials? PC DMIS might NOT be writing correctly/or at all to the probe files. Calibration might be failing in the background even though it physically executes.


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      We figured it out. I had the wrong shank vector for the cal sphere. Probes are calibrating and moving like normal.


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