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  • Adjusting the camera type...

    Due to me putting the l in user, I seem to have messed up pcdmis’s camera settings. Why so harsh on myself? I didn’t have the camera plugged in....and it tried to “auto detect the camera”. Well, after I realized my stupid mistake, it said it found framegrabber type 201 and something about the camera I missed because I parsed 201 as matching the ids falcon card I have and so I clicked ok....yeah....another dumb mistake (I was excited about my success in replacing the dead fpga on the metronics card, what can I say?! ). Anyhow, it’s auto detection is wrong. It almost looks like it selected ntsc instead of pal. Nothing I change in the registry seems to make a difference. Any hints as to where to look? I could probably just reinstall the whole computer, but what a pain that would be!

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    Maybe you could find some help here?


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