2019 R2 hasn't fixed THIS yet...... :mad:

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  • 2019 R2 hasn't fixed THIS yet...... :mad:

    Regarding Vision Auto Profile 2D? I'm beyond (even before that previously beyond) miffed about this 'feature'.
    EVERY attempt at a profile in Vision does the same thing. FACETED.
    In a family of parts at my company? Faceted. I just tried on the Hexagon training block. SAME crap. WHY? See below:
    This is the normal curve; an oval from the training Hex block:


    But THIS is what I get using offline Auto Profile 2D:


    See? And I know that doesn't look too bad, BUT forget about the graphics.... on the report it shows .0001 to .0002 from nominal. The profiles on my family of parts are bilateral .002. So I'm getting jaspered off the CAD by 10-20% of the tolerance before I even REALLY check the part. Jeezus cripes! Auto Profile 2D needs to tweak it's algorithm, or SOMETHING!.
    As this feature currently exists? It just plain blows chunks.

    *Note: If offline profile scanned with tactile tip? Not a problem.

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    I agree, 2D profile has been a thorn in the side of the vision side of the software. It works great for reverse engineering to get a general idea of what the shape of a part or tooling is. However, when it comes to real-world applications with tight tolerances, it fails immensely. This has forced me to utilize tactile probes to measure the profile of a part.


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      Does changing the tesselation value, in OpenGL options, alter the length of the segments?
      SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


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        AndersI, I have played with the tesselation to highest I can set... (.01)? I only have a mid-range Nvidia video card and have tried .stp or iges and I get faceted results. Its not so much the segment length, but
        more so the min/max and the graphical analysis for that oval in upper left:

        so I still get these strange arc'd profile! I have NO idea what is going on. Again... it only happens with Vision... with Performance 443 Dual Z Optiv the tactile scan is normal.
        Am ready for a straightjacket! ...........


        • AndersI
          AndersI commented
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          The result looks like the *measured* profile is 'polygonized' - are there any settings in the Vision part for 'resolution', 'tesselation' or whatever? I don't have any real Vision knowledge, I'm just guessing...

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        Got a short summary of what you are doing in order for this to happen (step-by-step)?
        PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP4


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