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  • Set up axis

    Anyone can support me to setup axis like the picture
    no use code please

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    I don't see a picture attached.
    Time for the Trolls to leave.


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      I update again , please support
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        Looks like you already did it.
        So you probably:
        Leveled to a plane Z+
        You made an XY origin (C1) circle
        Rotated about a generic line (X axis) you made @ XYZ 0,0,0 and IJK 1,0,0 and length of your choice C1 --------- generic line -------------> OR:
        a line you construct by point from C1 to a point you constructed from an OFFSET point (C2 offset Yminus by value of A)

        But sequence to make your alignment (ALN) is:
        • Level to Z
        • Rotate to X plus about Z plus using Rotated line created above.
        • X and Y origin to C1
        • Z origin to your Z plane

        (I am probably very confused about your question)

        good luck!


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          Offset line between CIR1 - CIR2 with the value of [a] - see
          PC-DMIS Guru
          sealevel above for complete alignment.
          PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o21.2 SP2


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            Thank both of you but i still can't do it. Can you support by make a video or picture of each step


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              i wanted to know the same. Looking forward to the video


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                Construct line.

                Select "offset".

                Select the two circles.

                Click "Offset".

                Enter the value that the line should be offset from the two circles. Here the offset for c1 should be zero and for c2 the value of a.

                Click OK.

                Click Create.

                Doublecheck that the line were created as you expected. If not, try switching the offset value to negative.
                PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o21.2 SP2


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