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    Sorry for the rant here. But I've had a ticket open on vision support since the 21st of Feb.

    Has anyone else noticed that vision support is much slower than standard probe support? What about other less used areas?

    I have however been able to get some ground on UserEcho. Sounds like it's an area that needs more development and hexagon is aware of it. I still need a fix! I have to keep sending my customer files that have incorrect vision settings.

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    Looking at the fixes made in the recent releases, I'd say that both vision and laser has gotten the majority of fixes.
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o21.2 SP1


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      Perhaps true in development. I think it may not be the case for in-field or direct support.


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        Hi Kyle

        I am the Product Owner for Pcdmis Vision. What is the issue you have reported and have you been given a Jira PCD number? (FYI, Jira is the enhancement and issue tracking software I use to manage the Vision backlog).

        Please email me directly @ [email protected] with the details, Thanks, Neil


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          Hope this finds you well.

          Thanks for the reply, this was actually directed toward support. You are the 'ground' I've mentioned in User Echo. I'm just surprised that I haven't received a support call for the ticket I originally opened. Looking forward to our discussion on Monday.



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