Can't catch edge point

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  • Can't catch edge point

    My machine can't catch point. All measure function is disable. Hardware is still OK. Only software has problem.
    this is our company machine so it is not easy to restore or reinstall. Please support

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    You have to check some points :
    First, you should reboot the controller and the PC.
    Then, when you open PC-DMIS, check if you're on line (CMM) or off line.
    SInce the controller has been rebooted, the cmm should homing.
    You could also check if the "enable" button is on, on the jogbox.

    If the cmm has a ttp option :
    Check the wiring between the head (PH10, Tesastar-m...) and the z-axis.
    If the problem is still there, change the probe

    After that, call your hexagon tech...

    Can you describe the cmm and the probe ?

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      Do you see numbers running in the lower right corner of PC-DMIS (the DRO)?
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP6


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