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  • Error message turned off servos

    I had the following error message pop up on our Performance 664 Dual Z. We've had the Time out error happen while measuring circles but haven't had it turn off the servos on the machine before. Our current fix for these errors is to do a full restart of both the Dual Z and the PC running PCDmis. Any suggestions that give me a direction to potentially fix this would be great. My company just had the machine delivered and calibrated a week ago by hexagon.
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    Picture is rather small, but it looks like you are trying to calibrate the optics. If they came in a week ago and calibrated the machine, why are you trying to calibrate the optics again? That should be set for a while!

    What is the machine trying to do with the focus that it is erroring out? I can't really read the error.


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      Sorry about the small picture, I've added a picture with just the error. We're testing out different lighting settings for the camera for different materials which is why we are going through another round of camera calibrations. Also, since the training my company sent the QA team to took place a few months prior to receiving the machine most of us in the shop are a little rusty and stumbling our way through trying to remember everything we've learned once already.

      While going through the calibration it would be doing the focus portion on the squares, and around the first set of focus' it would pop up with the time out error. We could continue with the calibration but it would error out again. This specific error message popped up and caused the CMM to shut off its movement entirely. The "System Error calling a list library function" is what has me most worried that something I'm not able to see is affecting the machine from the program side.
      PCDMIS error only.png


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        We have had lots of problems with our Optiv Performance 443 during calibration. None that ever shut the controller off, though. Not sure, but isn't that the cal routine that calibrates pixel size?
        My personal opinion is that the canned routines provided by Hexagon aren't very stable. (they just tweaked the illumination routine in 2018R2)
        Which leads me to what version of Demon are you running? Since it's a new machine, I'd assume 2018Rx. (or did you buy a used one?)
        At any rate, I'd get the Hex-a-Techs back to your facility post-haste! there might be confusion @ Hexagon as to the correct settings for the Framegrabber and other .ini files stored in the C:\ or C:\Windows directory
        (we run Win7)
        My go-to Hexagon help guy spent a lot of time (several days) tweaking these files remotely to get us back up. Have them return to your company and sit through another FULL calibration until YOU are fully satisfied.
        my 2ยข, and good luck!


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