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  • Combine Feature Hit Data

    Running PC-DMIS 2013 MR1 SP5 on an Optiv Performance 1z443

    Let's be clear; I'm not exactly certain what I'm looking for, but bear with me.

    Basically I have a circle I would like to measure at two different Z locations. Same location, same diameter, but there is a section cut out and I have to go a litle deeper to measure it.

    My original thought was;

    "If I try to do this using one Vision Auto Circle, having separate hit targets at a lower Z, will this cause it to be skewed at an angle?"
    Ideally not, and I'm requesting clarification on that as well.

    My second thought involved two Auto Circles, one for each Z value, the upper section not taking points on the cut section.
    My problem is: The upper circle contians two small arcs, and the lower circle is entirely a small arc!

    So here's what I wanted to do (and where I have more trouble explaining)
    Basically I wanted to project all of the points from both Auto Circles onto a 2D plane, and construct a circle from that.
    My thinking is combining the data will make 1 "good" circle with much larger coverage than three small arc sections, and it will be more mathematically accurate to project the points to a 2D surface.

    Any thoughts on how I might do this, or preferably an easier method?

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    You can measure/construct circles from hit points with different Z. You don't need to do the projection yourself. The projection is done internally by PC-DMIS (parallel to current workplane, or the plane given in the measuring command).
    SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


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      So it's not going to be any less accurate to use a single circle, and attempting to do what I think I'm asking for isn't going to make it any more accurate?
      Well, well!
      I suppose I like to waste my time! Lol.

      Okay, well that makes it easier for me.


      • InspectorJester
        InspectorJester commented
        Editing a comment
        I'm trying to find use cases where my request might be necessary, but I am falling short..
        The above-described method shall work for my current problem, however. Thanks!

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      Ah. Workplane, workplane, workplane...

      I was attempting to measure a ZPlus feature from XMinus. Lol!

      Makes sense as to why I couldn't get a good radius; all the demon saw was a line!
      Looks better now...


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