I missed the "S" Skew function in AutoMap

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  • I missed the "S" Skew function in AutoMap

    Does anyone use the RAM before with AutoMap software? For those of you who are familiar with the Skew function, how do you do that in PCDMIS? Let say the are two diameters on aluminum block and 2" a part, and it is suppose to be inlined. But sometime these two centerlines are not always the inline together. In automap, i used to be able to select Circle 1 and circle 2, and skew them. Then, the two axis are inlined (zero in Y axis).

    In PCDMIS 4.1, I made the circle 1 as my origin, and cirlce 2 I rotated. But then circle 1 and circle 2 are not zero or inlined.

    Please help, you are welcome to email me. Thanks in advance.


    [email protected]

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    It is under the ROTATE function
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      Yes. I did that. I did the alignment: Circle 2 rotated it, circle 1 my X-Y-Z Origin. But the Y distance between cir1 and cir2 is not zero, In automap you can select cir1 and cir2, skew it, and the Y distance between the circle is zero.

      Am I missing anything here?


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        Unlike Automap, to do an alignment you need to either align through two point-type features or one line-type features. So in your case, Select your "origin" feature first, then your alignment feature and then press the rotate button.
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          The best option to be as close to AUTOMAP is to use the 321-Alignment Wizard (on Wizard toolbar). In here, select the 2D alignment option, the same as that which AUTOMAP did.


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            Hello, every body, with pcdmis you must select two circle and press rotate (with automap you select only one, the second is the origin))...and select the origin after


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