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    I'm new to PCDMIS and just now starting to use the software doing simple programming and inspections. I must say that doing the alignment is the most challenging steps on this software. We have the RAM - ROI OMNIS 111 upgraded with 4.1 PCDMIS.

    My question is.. how do you change the PCDMIS logo in the inspection report? I'd like to insert our company logo in the inspection report

    Thanks in advance!

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    Look in your PCDMIS folder and there should be a WAI.BMP bitmap image. Right click on it and choose edit. Just delete the image and paste in yours. There is another method changing the file name it looks for to your image but I had problems with it so I just did what I described above.

    I should point out this is how I did it on a CMM but I would assume it works on the same principle for a vision system. Check out the similar threads below for help.
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      Hello, Sorry for the delay, but one of my collegue ( the beautifull) create an instruction for this, you will found inbstruction attached...

      bye bye
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