New Features in PC-DMIS Vision V4.2

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  • New Features in PC-DMIS Vision V4.2

    The new soon to be released version offers the following vision specific enhancements

    New Hardware

    • OGP PC-Based range
    • CMM-V (Video Probe on CMM)
    • Full PH9/PH10 Wrist Support
    • Laser UV Scan support

    New Calibration

    • Zoom cell Parfocality/Parcentrality Calibration
    • Improved Stage calibration (XY)

    General Enhancements

    • TESA Visio 300 DCC Homing DCC model (241928).
    • TESA Visio 300 Option to read settings from CNC.INI file (236126).
    • Edge Tracer - Automatic function to trace the perimeter of an object to create a 2D Profile feature (102578).
    • Target values added to Vision Auto Features to assist in locating a features actual location (226736).
    • Optical Comparitor Targetting Mode
    • Improved Matching Edge detection

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