Calibrating 20X Lens Focus Range Error HOW TO FIX?

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  • Calibrating 20X Lens Focus Range Error HOW TO FIX?

    Hey guys,

    Today I have been trying to calibrate my 20X Nikon Lens.

    Machine: Optiv 2z763
    PCDMIS: 2011
    Optiv 20X 1/2 CCD (Something Along These Lines)

    This lens has not been built on our machine before but we have built and calibrated our 5X and 10X Nikon lens. There are a few options as far and difference in lens for the Optiv but comparing to my succesful lens this is the correct 20X lens and probe build.

    I have tried focus ranges from 0.000- 1.000 but everytime I start my calibration I get the following error.

    "Incorrect focus range may cause optics to part collision. Applying focus range estimated from defualt (And yes it has a typo) field of view size. Enter numeric aperture of objective or better focus range."

    I've tried changing the focus ranger and lighting but this error comes up everytime and does not let me finish calibration. I can start is on the circles, it will tell me to center the rectangles, it will register the lines on the outer most rectangles, but after this it will just keep popping up this error and I will press OK and it will focus and go through its range and the error will pop up again. I can go through this over and over again going past the Step numbers on the calibration.

    Any ideas guys?
    I can provide screen shots if anyone thinks they can help.

    This one has me stumped.

    Anthony Fotion
    Quality/Reliability Engineer Technician
    Fujifilm Dimatix Inc.
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    If possible try using a smaller ring gauge.

    We had a similar issue over here and that seemed to do the trick.


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