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  • CMM-Ve Accuracy

    Looking to purchasing the CMM-Ve for our B&S One CMM with a Tesastar-M articulating head. We work with tolerances as small as +/-.0002" and I need to know if the CMM-Ve is a good option for us. I wanted to ask an opinion from someone other than a Hexagon engineer (who will obviously praise the CMM-Ve).

    Thanks for the input and advice

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    Depends on how you use the cmmv !
    If you use it only on A0B0, without contact probe, I believe it's possible... But I don't know exactly what could be the uncertainty with a tol of ±5 µm (Capability U=Tol/4 ? => 1.25 µm on a cmm is a dream !)
    If you measure with a ttp and the cmmv +rotation of the head, it will be hard to obtain less than 0.02 mm. The calibration of angles on the cmmv is not accurate, it's the most problem of it, but it's enough to measure some parts that you cannot touch !


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      Thanks, I appreciate the input. The typical tolerance that we deal with is +/-.0004" which, as far as I know equals to a capability of [(.0004 + .0004)*25.4]/4 = .005 mm which is reasonable (U = Ttotal/4 as far as I know)

      We do get the occasional +/-.0002" but I guess that is a little unreasonable for even a TTP with a rotating head.

      I would probably use the CMMv only in A0B0 though, because I don't like to rotate my wrist even with my SP25 Scanning had because I feel like the accuracy goes out the window (though it is repeatable)

      Thanks again


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