Calbration of probe and Vision

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  • Calbration of probe and Vision

    New to PC-Dmis vision but not to the software.. My question is how to you calibrate the Probe to the camera? And also how do you calibrate the camera

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    Depends on the cmm... You have to calibrate the probe on the sphere, then calibrate the ring with the probe ( answer "yes" to "does the tool moved"), then calibrate the camra (answer "no" to "does the tool moved". Then, the offsets are calibrated, not the optic... For the optic, there is a special tool, but it depends on the camera and the CMM.


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      Be careful:
      If your equipment is a vision system such as optiv then your primary sensor is the optics.... That being the case then you want to calibrate your optics first on the ring gage (yes), then your tactile probe needs to be calibrated on this ring gage (no), and lastly all other probes in the tool changer on sphere ( first one being the same one calibrated on ring gage) by saying yes to the first calibration on the sphere and no to the subsequent probes then the relationship from optics to te probe is maintained
      Sounds complicated I know but it's really very simple if you know how!


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        If your using a CMM-v this s reversed,
        Primary sensor is probe, calibrate on the sphere
        Then calibrate probe on ring gage followed by CMM-v on the ring gage


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