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  • One on One training request

    Hey guys!

    I have an opportunity for the enterprising spirit. The company I work for has recently aquired our second cmm and has given me the task of finding some training for myself with the only rule being is that it has to be onsite. Our new machine is the Brown & Sharpe OPTIV 2 Performance, with Mycronia vision and white light scanning. We are running PC DMIS.

    I prefer someone who has extensive experience with system. I am pretty fair with PC DMIS as I have been programming v4.2 for sometime now. My company will pay the usual travel expenses as well as your fee, but you must come to us. Where? Bethal Park Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh (Steeler fan?)

    Please only serious inquries.
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    Call Hexagon, they will do onsite training. Its a 5-1 cost difference roughly, between training at Hexagon vs. onsite at your facility. We just looked into this ourselves. So if you have 5 training credits from your machine purchase that would be worth 1 onsite day of training plus their travel expense.
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