Cylindricle Pro e models and PCDMIS Vision

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  • Cylindricle Pro e models and PCDMIS Vision

    Is there a way to utilize a Pro-e model to difine edges in PSDMIS Vision on round parts?

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    Yes, the beauty of PC-DMIS Vision is that we have access to all PC-DMIS inbuilt cad functionality for programming features.


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      What version? 4.0 dosen't work that way at least not from my expereince. PCDmis can not find an edge as it runs down the legth of a cylinder; only surface.
      The auto feature tools in vision seam very limited.
      Please show me an example
      Keep in mind I'm refering to use of vision with 3D models and not 2D and on multi sensor units, where tactile and vision can be used.


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        The reason I delayed in posting my reply to your original question was because I wanted to test to make sure before I answered. I took a 3d ProE model that we have from our set of test parts, imported it, and programmed an arc and circle on it. (it was Version V41 I tested but I don't believe anything has changed in that area since V4.0). I think I had to swap to surface mode in order to do this, but our surface mode will now do single click detection on a number of basic features.

        It's the same cad programming tools for Vision and Contact auto features, so I'm not sure what limitations you are referring to? Please be more specific.

        Perhaps you can mail me an example part you're struggling with so I can try to program it up?


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