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  • Validation (or calibration) of SmartScope


    We currently have an OGP SmartScope vision system. It is calibrated on a yearly basis by a guy that comes in. I was wondering how this vision system can be quickly calibrated and checked for validation. How do you guys validate that the readings the SmartScope is giving you are correct?

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      This is a 2 part question: First in order to “calibrate” you must have the proper glass scales and standards.
      Validation of measurements is approached using the tried and true Gage Reproducibility and Repeatability process.
      If you are concerned more about how close to your tolerance it measures, than you have to understand the limits of your machine and apply those limits to your expectations.
      We tend to use a method of 3 pieces measured 5 times each , in and out of the fixture, (insure rotation is limited) by 2 separate operators.
      We know the limits of the machine and we build guard bands around the tolerance zones depending on the results of the R&R. Example of guard bands applied to tolerances:

      GRR(%) Guardband (%) on both sides
      ≤20 -
      >20 to ≤30 5
      >30 to ≤40 10
      >40 to ≤50 15
      >50 to ≤60 20
      >60 to ≤70 25
      >70 to ≤80 30
      >80 to ≤90 35

      We measure in MM.