amplitude error?

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  • amplitude error?

    Has anyone ever heard of a amplitude error. We are running a global machine with PC DMIS and each time the program makes it to the same spot in the program this error occours.

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    You posted this in the wrong area, but that is ok.
    Yes, I have seen this and it is usually because the scales are dirty or damaged in that area. If it is a mild sort of damage some times the service guy can come in and turn up the amp. on the scale and you will be fine. But keep in mind they can only turn this up but just so far and they use special equipment to make sure they don't go over that. So, I guess what I am saying is don't try to do this yourself, because if you go to high you can burn up some really high priced stuff. So, clean the scales with denatured alcohol and a lint free cloth. Make sure it is a lint free CLOTH and not a paper product and ONLY use denatured alcohol. If this does not fix the problem then you will need to call service. I hope this helps.
    Good luck


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      Yea Ray Hit It Right On The Head. Clean The Scales And Pray. A Service Call Will More Than Likely Be Necessary Though. Stupid Amplitude Error.


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