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    G'day To All!

    Would you folks happen to know if there is a manual that can be downloaded (as with pcdmis), for the Cam2 software.

    My current job has ended, and I have an opportunity to get into another facility. They happen to have a Faro Arm with the Cam2 software.

    I've no idea how difficult it would be for me to adjust. I have been using pcdmis for over 8 years now, most recently version 3.7mr3.

    I have an interview this coming Tuesday (August 28), and have been informed that they are going to quiz me.


    P.S.; I would rather convince these folks to switch to pcdmis

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    There are many differences between Cam2 and PC DMIS.
    1. The Alignment process
    2. Cam2 is dimension friendly. When reporting the dia of a cir, this needs to be done when measuring. You can't go back and recal the dia size later like PC DMIS
    3. I had issues with the cad interface. There is an option, in which you manually enter or pick a point to measure and you can use the "Home in option". This is an audible tone that lets you know when you are getting close to the target location. And you can set the software to automatically take the point when the area is reached.
    4. You can take pictures of the actual part, isert them as .jpg's, use the arrows and sphere addins to show point locations. This appears on the next measured feature. This is good for cpk data.
    5. Cam2 has bugs also, you must deselect the auto save option in your report mode, or the crash will get you.
    6. The alignment is done in two processes. First you will do a 3-2-1 alignment, then you will do a cad=part. This is always done with or without cad. This moves the Faro origin to the part origin.



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      Peter here is a link to the latest CAM2 manual. I would try to convince them to switch also. Good luck with the interview.


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        Thanks for the input folks.

        I will try to convince them to switch.



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