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  • Which Portable Arm??

    G'day Folks,

    I don't know if this has been discussed in the past. I have no knowledge of portable arm cmm's.

    I have run various cmm's in my career. I am currently using pcdmis version 3.7mr3.

    What may be some of the pros and cons (if any) among the various types of portable arm cmms?

    Are they difficult to become accustomed to?

    I do appreciate your input.

    Best Regards,

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    Biggest draw-back is that NONE of them that I have seen are even CLOSE to the accuracy claimed by the mfg. If you are looking to stay 'close' to CMM ability, stay with a CMM. There have been other posts about some of the arms (not sure of the brand names) that users had lots of problems with. Mostly the round, rotary 'scale' systems, I think.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      I have yet to hear many good things about them. I always ask people what their experience is with them and many people bought them for inspecting parts in the machine and for their portability. They all found like Matt said that the accuracy is not very good at all and can't apply them because the parts need a more accurate gage.

      People that have said positive things about them are fabrication shops that need to meausre things like weldments. Those folks are usually dealing with loose tolerances.
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        I have used both faro romer both bieng good for what they do but as said they wont replace a cmm. not as accurate. But if you don't need the accuracy they are great for doing welding fixtures and panels for rr. or reseting tools quickly after crash. as far as software stick with pc demis we ran 3.5 runs good has its bugs just like on cmm. accuracy is also only as good as set up, meaning you have to zero in on all points. That bieng said if you wan't to know more email me.
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          You may have gotten enough info on this, but I just have to add .02 ti this one. I have ran and dealt with the accurracy issues with the Faro Platinum. We used the cam 2 software. While the software was good, it did have it's minor issues. As for an R&R, it was a little bit of a problem, especially since you control the movement. However Cam2 did include a home in option, which gives an audible tone and crosshairs to lock into the location. It is just a little time consuming. The accurracy is more around .005" and not the .002" as indicated. This can also be influenced by the operator as I demonstrated during my instruction with a qa tech that was going to do the measurements for me. So depending on the application, I give Faro a 7 in versatility and a 5 in accurracy.



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