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  • Faro Arm & PCDMIS

    Dumb question but we have the new version of pcdmis 2020 r2 cad++ on our cmm, we use a different software for the faro arm which can't do certain alignments I need it to do, if i took the portlock from the cmm is their anyway i could get it to link to the faro arm, if not what would i need to be able to interface it on a faro arm?

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    I am currently trying to get a Faro arm to communicate with PC DMIS. Our Romer is out for repair and I borrowed a Faro from our sister company. The first step was Hexagon had to add the Faro interface to our electronic lic. They did that and we still have not established full communication even with tech support's help. PC DMIS is reading the arm movements via the DRO, but it is not recognizing tip changes.

    Bottom line, without the Faro interface being activated on your portlock, you probably will not be able to.
    Scott Staral
    Layout Tech.
    Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry


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      Thanks scott so I just call them to get it activated on the portlock? Is their a extra charge for that?

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