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  • 7 axis length check

    hope i can found answer to my question. while doing some length check on the 7 axis portable arm notice that my results when i use 3 mm ball is out of the specs for the volume accuracy for romer arm 7535 SEI (±.081)? please attached pics.
    my question am i not suppose to use 3mm ball to do this check? because when i use the 15mm ball or reference probe results are within tolerance. this happens also happens with cone check or point repeatability and also with sphere.
    any question please let me know.
    thank you .
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    The 3mm ball is too small to actually nest in the conical features of the length standard, at least, for our arm and standard. I think it should be checked to the reference ball, and then you need to calibrate the ruby in reference to the reference ball.
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      The scale bar checks are supposed to be performed using the 15mm steel probe. This check will show you if the arm is within the manufacturer specification, i.e. MPE (maximum permissible error).

      After you make sure that the arm is within spec, all you need to do in order to ''validate'' the 3 and 6mm probes is to perform the ''sphere check''.
      If the difference between the nominal and measured diameter is within the arm MPE and also if the min, max and average deviations are within the same spec, your probes are good to go.

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